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Meet Jenna


About Jenna

With a passion for many kinds of art, I have taken my family and friend's advice in sharing my art with the rest of the world.  Specializing in graphics, painting, mixed media, and some marketing I can create almost anything with my own edge and twist setting my art apart from others. Originally from New Jersey, I grew up fascinated in making things myself. Throughout high school I took many variations of creative classes such as fashion design, photography, home design, and different levels of art classes.  After graduating, I attended the Art institute of Philadelphia where I majored in fashion design. Now, a few years later I have relocated to Northern Virginia where I am working to network and work with local businesses to assist in creating a brand for their locations. Aside from the graphics, I can whip up some fun abstract paintings to compliment your home or business.  Whatever your needs may be I'd love to chat with you about the endless possibilities I can create for you.

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