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DIY Hat Rack

Do you or someone you know have a ton of hats that need a place to go? My boyfriend had more than enough hats laying around that I was growing tired of always having to pick them up. So I brainstormed a little project to help solve my issue...kinda. He still throws them all over the house but at least I have a place to put them now.

I managed to create this for just a little under $50. Michael's Arts & Crafts and Home Depot were my go to places for this project.


4 x 1"x4"x4' Pressure Treated Lumber Boards

18 x Wood Screws 2" (I did have to grind down the points on the backside)

1 x 50 pc Brass-Plated Cup Hooks

3 x Acrylic Paint (I mixed black to get a darker color and used left over bottles I had)

1 x Wood Crate for the base


Between my dad and I, we had these all laying around the shop already. I'm sure a friend or family member would have most of these lying around the house or garage so I do not recommend going out and spending the money on new ones. Ask a friend :)

Don't have these in your toolbox? Ask a friend or family member! :)

I started with the lumber and I cut one of the pieces into three parts. Two of them were _" long and the remaining piece was used in the middle of the back for additional support. Using the ⅛" drill bit I drilled where I wanted all my screws to go. Pre-drilling the holes for the screws makes it quick and easy to place the screws with no twisting and accidental scratches to your wood. I used about 18 screws to secure the pieces together, 6 at the top and bottom and a few on the middle piece to make sure the structure did not move around. While doing this we used a c clamp to hold the wood in place for the first few screws to make sure everything stayed in place without shifting. The step drill bit was used to make the screws sit flush with the surface. It adds a little indent in near where the top of the screw head sits. Once all of the screws were in place we did have to use the small grinder to grind down the screw points that had gone through to the other side. This ensures a smooth finish so nothing gets caught on the screw tips.

Once the structure was all set, I began painting the wood and the wood crate. I used the Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in grey and I added a few drops of black to make it a few shades darker. I only use maybe one coat and maybe a second coat in a few places as I wanted some of the wood to show for a weathered look. Don't be afraid to experiment though, you can stain or paint a full solid color as well to achieve whatever your heart desires. :)

Custom Grey Paint Coming Right Up!

After the paint was dried I used the ⅛" drill bit again to pre-drill holes for my hook screws. I measured them out and found the center and made my marks so I had all three rows aligned. Depending on how many hats you want to fit, it is entirely up to you how you'd like to space them and place them. I did not drill too deep because I wanted the hooks to grab tightly once I screwed them in. The pre-drill is only to start the screw so its easy to twist into place.

I was originally going to hang it from the wall but I did not want to go through the trouble of finding studs and knowing we will be moving onto a new home after our lease is up so I used the crate idea to elevate it off the ground. This turned out to be multi-functional as well and a great place to set your shoes. I hope this sparked a little creativity and inspired you all. Stay tuned for my future DIY ideas! :)

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