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DIY Balcony Decor on a Budget

Have you ever needed a little inspiration for a cheap way to jazz up a small space? I have a little bit to share with you! I used some recycled materials along with a few cheap finds around town. I am an artsy person, but these were pretty simple on the creation scale for a simple yet charming space. I have faith that almost all of you could achieve this.

DIY Balcony on a Budget
As it looks today

There are a few elements to this whole look and I'll give you the low down on how they all came together. The first being my pallet bench. This piece, I threw together back in Jersey on my balcony. I used a circular saw, drill gun, deck screws, and a few extra pieces of wood to help support the pallet where it was broken and not sturdy enough. I ended up choosing a bronze gray color paint from the local Lowes hardware store. The end product just so happened to fit these cushions I found at Walmart perfectly! This project ran me a total of about $160 give or take a few pennies. People have created them for less but it is all about your luck in finding the pieces to pull it together and how much you are willing to spend.


Most balconies have a porch light outback that is normally not the best when you are trying to relax without drawing in every bug around the neighborhood. I went to my local hardware store and used the light socket converter that allows you to plug into the socket instead of just having a light bulb. I added my LED string lights that I found at Walmart last year for around $7. Loopty loop around the balcony and TA-DA! Some cute ambient lighting for your space. I did see some solar powered option on Amazon and a few other places as well if you do not want to go with the light socket converter piece.

Part of becoming an adult is realizing how damn expensive rugs can be, outdoor or indoor. Luckily for my small space and you lovely people, Fivebelow has the perfect outdoor rug. It complimented my cushions perfectly and fit my balcony area just right. The best thing about it is that it was only five dollars!

Since we are on the topic of our wonderful affordable Fivebelow store, I also found my lantern light and tealight LED lights there. The lantern LED was perfect for only $5 as most stores are charging $20 or more. I knew I was only going to leave it outside so spending less was just fine with me.


Moving on to the other little decor pieces that tied everything together, I found myself in Michael's Arts & Crafts. They run sales frequently so it is a great place to browse for a good deal. I ended up spending a total of about $37 and got the the rest of the decor you will find in the remaining images.

The wood crate was $10 and I lightly painted it with a gray paint that gave it that washed out look. It took all of 20 minutes total to lightly paint the crate and it dried pretty quickly because the coat was light. I have another one I am going to add as a small side table for my bench. I needed a better area to set my wine glass. CHEERS!

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