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Digital Marketing

Running a business can be hectic enough on it's own. I am here to help! With 10+ years of experience in branding and digital marketing, I can offer a service to you to help you maintain a strong social presence while you manage the important aspects of your business. With a background in graphic design, not only can I help with maintaining a consistent presence on your social media platforms, but the content is individually designed to stick to your brand aesthetics. 

Below are the different options to choose from. These packages are all month-to-month options that can be cancelled at anytime should you find that you are able to take over managing your socials in-house or whatever the reason may be. If you need a custom option feel free to reach out and we can consult about your company's needs.

I do offer additional services in assistance with email marketing and some SEO. Please inquire about these options by emailing me at


Level One

  • 1 Platforms (FB or IG)

  • 8 Posts per Month

  • 2 Reels per Month

  • 2 Stories per Week

  • Monthly Reporting


Level Two

  • 2 Platforms (FB+IG)

  • 12 Posts per Month

  • 4 Reels per Month

  • 4 Stories per Week

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Engagements 


Level Three

  • 2 Platforms (FB+IG)

  • 20 Posts per Month

  • 8 Reels per Month

  • 6 Stories per Week

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Engagements 


Custom packages tailored to your business needs available upon consultation. You may request a current portfolio of accounts managed.

Prices subject to change at anytime

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