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Starting December 20th of 2021 I had come down with a fever and left early from work to immediately see a doctor. Amidst all of the things in today's current events I did not want to hesitate on any treatment or determination of what might be wrong. I was tested for COVID-19, flu A and B, RSV and hMPV. All came up negative at this time. I was prescribed a zpak and steroid from my PCP and instructed to take full doses until finished. I Returned to work that week for two days before Christmas. I finished my medications as prescribed and started feeling better. Late Sunday evening December 26th, I came back down with a fever and chills. I stayed home from work the next morning and did a Telehealth Visit with my PCP letting them know I had symptoms again. They prescribed me doxycycline this time. My fever persisted and I laid in bed to rest. My taste and smell at this time became vague and I began to wonder if I might have actually gotten the virus. On Tuesday my symptoms still not improving, I spoke with the doctors office again. This time they reordered the testing be done and I went the next day to the hospital to complete the PCR versions of the above tests. At that time the next day I had tested positive for Covid-19. My chest was beginning to feel tight and they sent a prescription for a steroid prednisone.  They let me know if breathing was not improving I may need a chest x-ray. I went on December 30th and did my first chest x-ray. The results showed mild pneumonia like symptoms may be forming. I made sure to use my inhaler to the best of my ability with the current state of my breathing.  On Friday, I was informed to go to the ER without any improvements to my breathing. They set me up with a pulse ox to monitor my oxygen level and heart rate, a spacer for my inhaler, and a breathing tool to help me exercise my lungs known as a spirometer.  They completed another chest x-ray and then sent me home.  The next day, my oxygen level was low in high eighties when I had awoken. I got a shower and tried to see if that would help but no improvement. I went right back to the ER and was immediately admitted.  The doctor in the ER was concerned that I had been given such steroids prior to knowing I had Covid-19 and said that this may have factored into my current condition. With my oxygen level low they admitted me and began treatment. I spent the next 4-5 days in the hospital hooked up to oxygen the entire time. I was given shots in my stomach to prevent blood clots from forming on my lungs. Clots in the lungs are becoming a common complication with Covid-19. I was given steroids through IV along with daily vitamins and Mucinex to help loosen anything that might be stuck in my chest. I was discharged today, January 5, 2022. I am now home on an oxygen machine until further improvement. I still cannot exert too much energy and have to take it slow to recover.  

During this time, I am unable to return to work just yet. My current job does not offer disability nor a Covid-19 relief fund to cover my expiring PTO. I am researching and exploring my options available to me from the state. In the meantime, I am unable to currently resume my wood projects. My income will be limited and I can currently only execute graphic design related work. 

It is so greatly appreciated for those who have already given and continue to give during this time. I am unaware of how long it may take me to recover and am trying to figure this all out as it moves along. Any donations made are genuinely and whole heartedly appreciated. If you have any questions for me during this time please do not hesitate to reach out. I am open about my experience, symptoms, treatment, and anything else. We are all fighting this chaos together. 

Please be safe and remain healthy out there!